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Fans of Torchwood's Owen Harper

and the actor who plays him

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This is a community for fans of the Torchwood character Owen Harper and to a lesser extent, the actor who plays him: Burn Gorman.

So, what can you, as an Owen Harper fan expect to find/post here?

  • Discussion/squee over the character!

  • Fanfic pretaining to Owen Harper! (more on fanfic guidelines later)

  • Icons!

  • Vids!

  • Screencaps/Scans/other images! (including Burn Gorman in other works)

  • Character/Actor news!

Some General Posting Guidelines

  • Spoiler warnings please! It's a brand new show, everything that comes out prior to an episode's airing, is a spoiler. Please put spoilers behind cuts, and give warning.

  • When posting icons, if you have more than 3 please put them behind a cut! A total of 3 will be allowed as "previews"

  • Same to go with screencaps/scans/other images. All iamges should go behind a cut, with 1 or 2 small versions as previews if you like.

Don't know what/how to cut? It's all explained here

  • And of course, be curteous to your fellow man and woman. Don't be jerks. If I get complaints of jerkitude, I will take action

Fanfiction Guidelines

  • All fanfiction posted to this comminuity must contain Owen Harper has a signifigant if not starring character.

  • fics of all genre are welcome, including Gen, Het, and Slash. If you are offended by any of these categories, you have been warned.

  • When posting a fic, please provide this information:

Genre: (angst, gen, romance, humour, AU etc)
Pairing: (if applicable)
Rating: As according to the MPAA
Warnings: (non-con, bondage, and other such things)
Summary: (brief, but informative)
and any other author's notes you wish to give

  • The main text of the fic must be placed under a cut, yes even drabbles.

  • No RPF, please. If anyone does post any Real Person Fic involving Burn Gorman, it will be deleted

  • Otherwise, everyone, have fun! We're all here out of love for a character. Let's share the love with each other.

    Affiliates: jack_in_cuffs, specializing in darker or more sexually explicit fics

    Other Torchwood related communities:
    torch_wood (for general TW news, updates, etc), tw_archives (for more all-encompassing fic, not just Owen centric), torchwoodicons(for icons), torchwood_files (for vids!)